Wildern Business Studies

Welcome to the new Business Studies page. Here you can find everything you need for GCSE Applied Business.

The Business Sector covers a vast range of occupations and professions. An Applied GCSE in Business is the ideal qualification to give you an awareness of the variety of interesting opportunities that are available.

During Business Studies lessons, you will learn about the reasons why particular businesses exist: some businesses make or sell a product and some provide a service; some exist to make a profit and some do not. From here, you will go on to explore the variety of different types of business organisation, from the large multinational companies such as Amazon, to the small businesses owned and run by just one person.

All businesses rely on money to allow them to operate. The course will show how a business raises money and how it monitors its performance through accurate financial forecasting.

Of course, all of the different activities that take place in business organisations require people to make them happen. An important part of both courses is for you to learn about the various roles that people perform, and how employees are recruited and trained for these positions